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Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya

Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya is a compilation of poems by architect and writer Avianti Armand. Each poem in this book was inspired by women in the bible, whom the writer feel most of them were forgotten or left out from the history. Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya was published by apublication.

Negeri Para Peri

Negeri Para Peri is a compilation of short stories by architect and writer Avianti Armand. We were tasked to design the book cover and illustration for each story. For the story’s illustration we decided to use photographs to create the ambience to support the story. Negeri Para Peri was published by apublication.

Feat - Elbow Room - Vodka glass on coaster

Elbow Room

Elbow Room was Jakarta’s first Gastro Pub open in the Kemang area, that target a more mature audiences then the surrounding places. The logotype was made compact to represent the crowd at Elbow Room and the icon was based on the large window the owner has installed in the establishment.

Anomali Coffee

One of Anomali Coffee’s mission was to introduce the local Indonesian coffee to the local coffee lovers, Feat were tasked to develop the brand image that show the owner’s passion for coffee as well as position the brand as the ambassador for the Indonesian single origin coffee beans. Together with the passionate owners, we developed the “Kopi Asli Indonesia” campaign as the launching platform for their brand as well as a community support to Indonesian Coffee Farmers.

Instead of a total re-branding, we decided to keep the original identity and create a secondary identity for the campaign.


Birdcage aims to be one of the most prominent hang out place in South Jakarta. The chill out lounge and bar concept make Birdcage perfect for dining place as well as just enjoying a bottle of wine among friends. We came up with a modern logotype as well as a rustic visual graphic language to match the interior and architecture of the place.