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Feat is a small graphic design studio in Jakarta, Indonesia. We works with brands to help them connect to their audience with the use of identity system, brand communication, editorial and printed matter.

/ Our Work Process

Openness and collaboration are at the heart of how we work. We value intelligent, informed creative responses and we will work with you as partners to define your brand’s story, positioning and identity. This approach ensures that our response is particular to the brief we are given, fit for your brand and targeted to your audience.

/ New Business

We are more then happy to sit down and discuss a potential project over a cup of coffee so please feel free to get in touch with us.

/ Work Opportunities

For employment, freelance or internships please email us your CV, a link to your portfolio website or a PDF (not exceeding 5mb) and a cover letter telling us more about yourself to

note: While we are not hiring designers at the moment, we still appreciate and look forward to your portfolio submissions.