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Asian Games 2018 KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE tagline

Asian Games 2018

Here’s our proposal for Asian Games 2018 visual identity system and mascot design. We’re humbled and grateful for the reception of the new visual identity system as well as the mascots.

Inspired by the vision and dreams of our founding father, Soekarno, during the preparation for 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta, we decided to use Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium shape for the 2018 Asian Games identity’s mark (symbol), with eight paths leading to the stadium and the Olympic Council of Asia’s shining sun emblem in the centre.

We believe that when all these Asian nations come together for the 2018 Asian Games, there will be a showcase of The Energy of Asia that will radiates throughout the world. And also we believe it’s the right time for us as a nation to remember once again the vision of our founding father, that is why for us, ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ is a good story and resonates well for this event.

The Energy of Asia lies in the diversity of it’s culture, heritage, and legacy. When all these elements come together, they will be a major force to reckon in the world. The same principle applies to Indonesia, home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. Our Founding Fathers had envisioned a strong and united nation under the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika philosophy. That is why we decide to propose three different animals as the official game’s mascot.

Bhin Bhin, a bird of paradise, who represents strategy wears a vest with Asmat pattern details from Papua. Atung, a Bawean deer, who represents speed wears a saroong with Jakarta’s batik tumpal pattern. And Kaka, the one-horned rhino, wears Palembang’s traditional attire with flower pattern, represents power.

Side note and disclaimer:
Feat studio were one of many that entered Ministry of Youth and Sport Indonesia and BEKRAF competition to re-design the visual identity system and mascot for the 2018 Asian Games. The initial brief was to design an identity system that can both represent Asia, Indonesia and Sport as well as the theme of “Energy of Asia”.