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Mimesa business card on top of mimesa wooden plate


Mimesa is a handmade home-ware brand. The name is taken from Spanish words mi and mesa which literal translation means my table. We designed Mimesa’s story to be told through its logo mark; the letters M and a table icon combine together symbolize three product lines: wooden wares, marble wares, and metal wares. The visual identity system was designed to convey the look and feel of modern luxury style brands.

Black Garlic

Black Garlic mission is to make healthy meals easier through delivery. They provides you with their pre-plan recipes and the needed ingredients, delivered to your doorstep. The narrative we created for Black Garlic brand is the story of a new business that concern itself with healthy lifestyle with less effort.

The visual identity we developed for Black Garlic is efficient, friendly, and professional. The monogram mark and the black and white color palette further reflecting the efficient approach of the new identity as well as to serve as a supporting vessel for the vibrant palette that comes from the ingredients palette. This further advance the personality of the brand and differentiate its identity from its competitors.

W-Miitem-take away packaging


W-Miitem is a restaurant line from Flavours of W group. The name “Mi item” actually means black noodle, which is the signature of this restaurant. We were tasked to refresh the brand looks with a brand new menu design, complete brand collaterals including take-away packaging. We used the squid ink, which is the main ingredients of what makes W-Miitem, as the main design element.

I Love Fashion

I Love Fashion Collection is inspired by the pret-a-porter shows in Paris, Milan, London, New York & LA. A brand whose essence line in its contrasting features, showcasing unexpected juxtapositions of leather, lace, full-bodied tulle with form fitting tops. A style that set itself apart in the lines and colors of the clothes available today.

For their first launch in Indonesia, we’re tasked to design their brand necessities such as hang tag, lookbook, shopping bag and shoe packaging.

Photos and collection by STELLARISSA.

Anomali Coffee

One of Anomali Coffee’s mission was to introduce the local Indonesian coffee to the local coffee lovers, Feat were tasked to develop the brand image that show the owner’s passion for coffee as well as position the brand as the ambassador for the Indonesian single origin coffee beans. Together with the passionate owners, we developed the “Kopi Asli Indonesia” campaign as the launching platform for their brand as well as a community support to Indonesian Coffee Farmers.

Instead of a total re-branding, we decided to keep the original identity and create a secondary identity for the campaign.